Tim Castroreale is, without question, a five star realtor. Over ten years ago, my husband and I contacted Tim when we began entertaining the thought of downsizing from the home in which we had raised our kids to a retirement home. Since we had been in our home for over 40 years, we wanted to sell but were a bit hesitant. We did t want to make a mistake. Before selling, we wanted to research/view the other surrounding areas to see where we might want to live. Tim instinctively understood selling our home would result in a huge life-style change for us and he did not, not once, pressure us or try to rush the process in any way! Rather, it was just the opposite. Tim was supportive, patient and understanding about our needs. He volunteered information, quickly returned our calls and did not hesitate to generously give us his time and attention; even when he knew we were not quite ready to sell. We called him often and frequently with questions about properties located in the Orange County area. Tim was quite sensitive to our needs and always approached us with a kind, willing and honest attitude to assist us in any way he could through the process. Eventually, when we finally decided to sell, he found a buyer for our home in five quick days. He knew how to price the home to sell quickly. His negotiation skills were amazing and we were thrilled to be the recipients of a great deal – receiving top dollar for our home! Following the sale of our home, we also called upon Tim to help us find our next home. Once again, he accommodated us far beyond our expectations. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Orange County real estate, AND he also demonstrates a broad knowledge of the escrow/mortgage process as well as property inspections. He possesses fabulous administrative abilities and people skills to work out all the important real estate related details on our behalf. I would not hesitate to recommend Tim to anyone!